Thursday, February 14, 2013

DARK SHADOWS Valentine's Day news roundup

* DAVID SELBY will be the guest on next week's COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY podcast. He spent an hour talking with me on the phone last weekend for reasons I don't fully understand. Could it be possible he's just that ... nice? (Spoiler alert: Yes, he is.) Look for the next podcast to go live next Tuesday. (Those of you subscribing for free through iTunes might get it a little earlier, though.)

* Interested in visiting the shooting locations from Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS? The website The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations has a breakdown of some of the places where Burton and crew shot the movie. Take a look!

* CATHOLIC BOY RICHARD talks about lapsed Catholicism, lapsed vampires and DARK SHADOWS.

* The Sara Monster has shared some animated gifs which are the best thing I've seen all day. One of them is posted at the top of this post, but you really need to see them all to get the full impact.

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Richard G Evans said...

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