Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DARK SHADOWS DVD collection nominated for SATURN AWARD

Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series is nominated for Best DVD/BD Collection in this year's Saturn Awards. Ciollecting DARK SHADOWS into a single set was long thought to be impossible because of the economic difficulties in packaging so much material into a single product. Last year, MPI Home Video gambled on the project, and won big. Not only was the massive project a success, but it went into a second printing almost immediately. Included in the collection were 131 DVDs with all 1,225 episodes, a commemorative coffin package containing 22 amaray cases, a deluxe booklet with episode summaries,  Bloopers, Treasures & Behind The Scenes DVDs and more than  120 cast and crew video interviews.

The DARK SHADOWS feature film was also nominated for a number of Saturn Awards. Chloe Grace Moretz was also nominated for Best Performance by a Young Actor for her role as Carolyn Stoddard, and Rick Heinrichs was nominated for Best Production Design.

Here's the press release about this year's Saturn Awards:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the leading film with nominations for the prestigious Saturn Awards presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.   Peter Jackson’s return to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth received 9 nominations.   Other films receiving major nominations include Ang Lee’s Life of Pi (8 nominations), and the 23nd entry in the James Bond franchise, Skyfall (7 nominations).
Comic book icons-turned-cinematic spectacles, Marvel’s The Avengers and Christopher Nolan’s triumphant conclusion to his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, followed closely behind with 6 nominations each, along with the epic musical based on Victor Hugo’s classic Les Miserables.   Warner Bros. received a leading total of 23 nominations, while Sony Pictures and Universal Pictures each received 14 nominations for their ambitious slate of films released last year.

Television Entertainment also received nominations from the 41 year old Academy.  Leading this prestigious list was the beloved series, Fringe, which received 6 nominations and ended a five year run on the Fox Network.  Other notable series receiving multiple nominations include Showtime’s Dexter (5 nominations), and with 4 nominations each, Breaking Bad (AMC), Falling Skies (TNT), Leverage (TNT), Revolution (NBC), and The Walking Dead (AMC).

The non-profit organization was founded in 1972 by noted film historian, Dr. Donald A. Reed.  His goal was to find an outlet to honor and recognize genre entertainment often overlooked by mainstream awards organizations.  The Saturn Awards is considered the premier award for the entertainment we dub “exaggerated and/or enhanced reality”.  The scope of the genres we honor has been broadened in recent years running the gamut from dark and edgy entertainment to colorful and life-affirming fable-esque slices of life.

This year, the Academy is thrilled to inaugurate a new film category honoring independent film releases alongside the high-budgeted films which help drive the box-office.  Organization President Robert Holguin states “I’ve long admired and respected independent filmmakers and their focused vision.  I’m thrilled to see the organization create a category which expressively allows our membership to champion personal film projects which helps expand ideas and creativity in the genre field.”
This year’s 39th Annual Saturn Awards is slated to take place in June.  Please visit the Academy’s website for a listing of this year’s nominations, www.saturnawards.org.

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