Monday, February 25, 2013

Seaview Terrace returns to television with STRANDED

SEAVIEW TERRACE will return to television in April. The historic landmark, used as the exterior location for the original DARK SHADOWS series, will find itself entertaining the cast on an episode of STRANDED, a new reality show on Syfy. The show debuts Feb. 27, with the Seaview Terrace episode set to air March. 6.

Later this year, DARK SHADOWS stars KATHLEEN CODY and SHARON LENTZ will appear at Seaview as part of a benefit for site. Lentz and Cody will appear May 18 with Jason Hawes (Ghost Hunters,) Dustin Pari (Ghost Hunters International) and psychic/medium, Chip Coffey.

The event benefits SeaviewCARES, a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of Seaview Terrace. For more details, visit

Here's the press release about STRANDED:


NEW YORK – If you thought Paranormal Activity was scary – get ready for Stranded. The new Syfy reality series, premiering Wednesday, February 27 at 9PM (ET/PT), uses the same stripped-down first-person method to document an unconventional – and terrifying – paranormal and psychological experiment in which participants are stranded at haunted location for a week and must record the entire experience themselves.

Jason Blum, producer of the Paranormal Activity movie franchise, Insidious and Sinister, serves as an executive producer; as does Josh Gates, the host and co-executive producer of Syfy’s popular series Destination Truth.

Each of the six hour-long episodes features the self-recorded footage of a diverse group of everyday paranormal enthusiasts. The footage from the subjects’ cameras is supplemented by strategically-placed security cameras at each location, creating a suspenseful, completely unscripted first-hand account of each group’s stay.

Over the course of the confinement, the subjects contend with increasingly pervasive feelings of fear and desolation, resulting in an experiment that represents a unique combination of psychology and the paranormal.

Star Island in New Hampshire serves as the haunted locale in the premiere episode of Stranded. Upcoming shows were filmed at sites such as Seaview Terrace in Newport, Rhode Island, and the West Virginia State Penitentiary in Moundsville, West Virginia.

In addition to Blum and Gates, Stranded is executive-produced by Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels for Ping Pong Productions, and co-executive-produced by Gerard Bocaccio, who heads up Blumhouse TV.

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