Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trashy Little Cuties: Angelique and Josette

Lisa Petrucci is a fan of DARK SHADOWS. The Seattle-based artist has pieces featuring a few of the show's characters tucked away among her many other works at her website,

"I actually came to DARK SHADOWS late in life,"she told Target Audience Magazine in July. "It was on TV when I was a kid, but I wasn’t allowed to watch it! However I had always been intrigued by the show and pictures I’d seen in horror magazines. When I moved to Seattle, I discovered friends who are fans of the show and they introduced it to me on video. I decided to take the plunge and started watching the 1,245 episodes on dvd and was immediately hooked. I’ve done one Dark Shadows themed painting to date, but definitely get my “goth” on from time to time."

Since then, Petrucci must have completed a second DARK SHADOWS piece, because Darren C. has them both hanging at his home (the images you see above belong to him.)

You can read the entire interview with Petrucci HERE.


BT said...

I love them!!!!!!
Very well done!

Christian LeBlanc said...

These are amazingly well done. She even managed to make that orange and blue dress look cute!

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