Monday, December 3, 2012

Dark Shadows in the 1980s?

Jeremy Brett as DRACULA.
It's a slow newsday, so I thought I'd bounce an idea off you good people.

Since DARK SHADOWS debuted back in 1966, we've had a different incarnation of the Collinwood in every decade ... except the 1980s. There were feature films in the '70s, a new television series at the start of the '90s, the occasional novel from Lara Parker in the following decade, with the recent TIM BURTON movie staking the most recent claim.

But the'80s were pretty silent, probably because DAN CURTIS was involved in prestige epics like THE WINDS OF WAR and WAR AND REMEMBRANCE. For a while he wasn't inclined to say much of anything about Barnabas Collins. (Did he ever attend a Dark Shadows Festival?)

So, let's do some fancasting. Mrs. Cousin Barnabas recently introduced me to THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES series with JEREMY BRETT. Since then, it's been difficult to shake the idea of Brett making a worthy successor to JONATHAN FRID in an '80s version of DARK SHADOWS. He's also no stranger to vampires, having played DRACULA, himself, in the stage tour during the late 1970s.

So, lets cast the rest of the show. Hell, recast Barnabas Collins if you think Brett is a terrible idea. Post your ideas below!


Dirk Bevlin said...

Those Granada TV Holmes adaptations with Brett are the diggity.

Anonymous said...

Brett would have been wonderful! Now I can't shake the idea either! what a nice dreamy idea you have given.


Melissa said...

What a gorgeous picture of Jeremy Brett!

I'm having trouble thinking of a 1980's version, because it was still practically the 1980's in 1991. Maybe Brooke Shields as Carolyn?

Cousin Barnabas said...

Someone of the Favebook page suggested using some of regulars from John Waters films, which would be different.

Michael Ironside as Burke Devlin? George Wendt as Sam Evans? And, to go for broke, Liz Taylor as Liz Stoddard.

joanne said...

Brett would have been wonderful but alas he too is deceased. How about John(Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood) Barrowman?

joanne said...

sorry my bad! Yes absolutely Jeremy! No question about it.

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