Monday, December 31, 2012

Collinwood Cocktails: Dr. Lang's Theremin Martini

Dr. Frankenstein was a putz.

Henry, Victor, Wolf, Frederick, Frodrick or whatever the hell they wanted to call themselves, not one of them knew how to stick the landing. These guys majored in Mad Science with one specific purpose: TO PLAY GOD. And what do they do when the game doesn't go entirely their way? They start whining about how man shouldn't play at being god, pack up their toys and go home to mope over their Tesla coils. (Or die lonely, miserable deaths in the arctic. Either way spells F-A-I-L.)

But not Dr. Eric Lang. Dude not made a monster out of boneyard scraps that ALSO doubled as a cure for vampirism. Lang was the MacGyver of mad scientists.

I thought Dr. Lang needed a drink that was a daring and dubious as his scientific visions. It's a simple drink that works despite itself, a combination of rye and a blue martini mix that, when combined, create a vivid green rarely seen in nature. Here are the ingredients; mix to taste.

Dr. Lang's Theremin Martini
  • Martini Gold "Wildberry"
  • Bulleit Rye American Whiskey
  • One maraschino cherry (Use Italian imported maraschino cherries, not that candy crap you find with the banana split fixins at the grocery store. You'll thank me later.)

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Too many of these, and you wake up feeling like a dozen corpses all rolled together.

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