Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dark Shadows: Week 1

Five episodes down, 1,220 to go.

I don't expect I'll have much of a reason to post weekly recaps of my DARK SHADOWS DIARY entries, but there's enough material archived here concerning the show's 1966 debut that's it's worth a moment to reflect on the beginning of the series. Below are links to my posts about the first five episodes of DARK SHADOWS, as well as links to a variety of newspaper and magazine clippings about the show's early days.

Episode 1: Welcome to the Beginning and the End of the World
Episode 2: #1 at The Blue Whale
Episode 3: Conspiracy Theory
Episode 4: The Fear of Darkness
Episode 5: A Ghostly House of Tears

Alexandra Moltke In New ABC Series (The Dally Reporter — June 23, 1966)
Vivid Dream Inspires TV's Dark Shadows (The Winnipeg Free Press — March 11, 1967)
Television listings for debut episode of Dark Shadows (June 27, 1966)
From Romantic Lead to Moody Menace (Oct. 6, 1966 interview with Louis Edmonds)
'Dark Shadows' Joins Daytime TV (The Sandusky Register — June 21, 1966)
Joan Bennett talks Dark Shadows (Ruston Daily Leader —Aug. 9, 1966)
1966 Dark Shadows newspaper teaser (June 16, 1966)

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