Friday, August 17, 2012

Update: Dark Shadows Haiku Contest

The Dark Shadows Haiku Contest will be winding down over the next few weeks, but there's still time to enter, as well as time to vote for your favorites. Oddly, there are a handful of haiku entries over at our Facebook page that have yet to get a single vote, which means even the people who submitted them haven't voted for their own poems. Which is ... weird.

Enter as much as you want. Vote on as many entries as you like, and feel free to hit the "share" button on individual images to drum up votes on your own Facebook page. I've got the full details of the contest at THIS blog post, and the prize pack includes a signed photo of Jonathan Frid, a new DVD of THE HAUNTING OF COLLINWOOD, a script reproduction from one of the episodes of the original series, Japanese mini-posters for the 2012 DARK SHADOWS movie, a set of custom HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS trading cards and a DVD set of DARK SHADOWS COLLECTION 1.
I've posted the three most popular contest entries (so far) at the top of this post. GO HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO ENTER.

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