Monday, July 2, 2012

Cover art for issue #11 of Dark Shadows

Dynamite Entertainment and artist Francesco Francavilla have released the cover art for issue #11 of Dark Shadows. The book is expected to be solicited with an "August" date, but the title is running behind schedule so there's no telling when this issue will actually reach stores. Still, I'm loving the tribute to Jonathan Frid that found it's way into the artwork.


Anonymous said...

Dynamite is, as the owner of my preferred local comic shop puts it, really just 8 guys and a fax machine. Everything they do comes out late. I'm not entirely unhappy with their Dark Shadows run so far and I'm particularly impressed with the artwork, but did anyone else catch that several times the town of Collinsport is referred to as Collinwood? Oh, and also that thing about Barnabas stumbling into the Blue Whale for an undead disco. That was some unnecessary what-the-fuckery.

AngantyrTheKing said...

Really? I liked that issue, especially the Karl Collins cameo!

I might check to see if you are right about them calling it Collinwood, though. I seem to recall that most of the comics were set around the estate with only a few trips to Collinsport itself, and also Spafford. Still, you could be right. If they do it will be more accurate to the show as they often made that era... as well as calling ''Collinwood'', ''Collinswood'' and, on one unreleased occasion, ''Hollywood''! I am looking at you Mrs. Stoddard!

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