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Beware of "Evil" Dark Shadows, 1991

The 1991 DARK SHADOWS revival series received a lot of media attention during it's short lifespan. Not all of the attention was especially positive, though, such as this "letter to the editor" that was published in an Indiana newspaper. The author, a Rev. Tee Andrews, was pretty sure that producer Dan Curtis had hired Lucifer as a story consultant, and that any parent who let their children watch DARK SHADOWS was offering them up to to the Dark Master.

Be aware of evil in new TV show
Kokomo (Ind.) Tribune, Jan. 25, 1991

A new evil has approached our innocent children.

Do you dare come against this evil and refuse this evil to be seen by your impressionable children? And say that God is going to be in control of this household and not Satan via his newest TV show — Dark Shadows?

I was one of the '60s generation that got so hooked on Dark Shadows that it helped fuel my interest in the occult-satanism. Because of this show, I came to believe in witches and warlocks. I'm not saying that every  person who watches such occult-themed shows as Dark Shadows, Friday the 13th series or even the old Twilight Zone series will be snatched up into evil doings. But I am saying that it is only one of many doors opening, that Satan will use.

The show starts out with Barnabas Collins (supposedly a dead vampire from the 1700s) unexpectedly being released to do more harm through the disobedience of a servant who got into some hidden books of his master. Barnabas bites Willie and Willie becomes his obedient servant through the hold that Barnabas has put on him. Several other victims who were also bit by this vamp also obeyed his every command. The movie ends with a physician trying hard to find a formula that will set Barnabas free from his torment by replacing occult blood with human blood. The only way anyone can be set free of any torment is through deliverance through Jesus's name.

So parents, are you going to allow Satan to have such a control on your children's minds as Barnabas does his victims? Or are you going to take authority against the hosts of hell and allow God to be in control? I recommend a fantastic book by Dr. James Dobson and Gary L. Bauer, "Children at Risk." It tells us how to protect our children from such evil influences.

If any of you have questions, write to me at P.O. Box 6141, Kokomo, Ind. 46904. It was hell getting out of the satanism and the occult. It took many years of learning to grow spiritually and to be set free emotionally as well as demonically.

I wouldn t even wish my worse enemy to go through torments like I did. If just one person heeds these warnings, then it will be worth the time writing this and the opening up of my heart.

The Rev. Tee Andrews
Kokomo, Ind

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Anonymous said...

To the Dear Rev. T. Andrews.

No disrespect, this is only a tv show. There are tons of tv show and movies that are more horrifying than Dark Shadows. But the thing that really gets to me: take a good look around there is so much evil in the world, For example, parents abuse their children, murders, rapist, wars, people abuse animals etc. It would take me a life time to list them all. I rather sit down and watch Dark Shadows, then to turn on my tv and watch the local news, because that is all you get out of the news is violence, murders. Some people are the real evil.

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