Monday, July 9, 2012

Jonathan Frid gets an unlisted number, 1968

Girls Agog Over Jonathan Frid
The Daily Herald, Feb. 26, 1968

Jonathan Frid gets fan mail by the sack. Jonathan Frid had to change his phone number several times before getting an unlisted number. And he's had to change that once.

Jonathan Frid is a vampire. Or, more correctly, he's the actor who stars as vampire Barnabas Collins on Channel 4's daytime drama serial, "Dark Shadows" (Monday through Friday at l:3z p.m.)

Many of his fans — women and teenagers predominate — write to him as though were really were Barnabas. A handful of mail grabbed at random is sure to turn up at least one offer of marriage and one or
more seeking a date. One writer called him "the ghoul the girls go for"; another, "the grooviest vampire."

A gentleman vampire, Frid is loath to talk about even the kookiest of his fans. He even has admiration for the woman who, on reading that he was from Hamilton, Ontario, called his mother, told her she was a friend from England, and got his phone  number in New York. It was then he changed his unlisted number.

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