Monday, February 25, 2019

Here's your Dark Shadows lineup this week on Decades

Dark Shadows airs Monday-Friday at midnight on Decades, a digital broadcast television carried by  local television stations. The network has developed a handy guide to help you find out if Decades is available in your area and, if so, how to watch it. If you're among the lucky ones here's what you can expect from the series this week:

Monday, Feb. 25
Episode 296: Unconvinced that Maggie is unable to recall the identity of her kidnapper, Barnabas plans to kill her.

Tuesday, Feb. 26
Episode 297: Maggie tells Barnabas about her visit from Sarah. Later, Barnabas tries to kill Maggie and hears Sarah.

Wednesday, Feb. 27
Episode 298: Burke asks Elizabeth to sell Seaview to him. Maggie’s memory of what happened begins to return.

Thursday, Feb. 28
Episode 299: Julia warns Barnabas to stay away from Victoria. Barnabas learns of Victoria’s interest in Burke.

Friday, March 1
Episode 300: Victoria dreams someone entered her room. Barnabas is alarmed that Victoria may marry Burke.

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