Sunday, February 17, 2019

Glam, bam, thank you ma'am

In January, the Bodice Tipplers podcast began raising money for RAINN, America’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. The goal was to raise $500 before the end of February, a goal they hit earlier this week. Even though donating to RAINN was a reward in itself, BT hosts Sara and Courtney offered a few incentives. Anyone who donated before March 1 has a chance to win a Bodice Tipplers tote bag packed with most of the shitty paperbacks they’ve read so far for the podcast. Also, if they succeeded in collecting $500 ... they'd release their teenage Glamour Shots photos.

You can still donate to RAINN and enter to win the tote bag o'books HERE, but because the $500 target has been reached they've already shared their Glamour Shots. Just click on the photo at the top of this page to head over to their website!

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