Thursday, January 18, 2018

Amazon Prime gets "darker" in the UK, US

Amazon Prime subscribers in the UK woke up to good news yesterday morning: All 1,225 episodes of DARK SHADOWS are now available streaming on Prime. This number includes all 26 DVD collections, as well as the six volumes that make up DARK SHADOWS: THE BEGINNING, the so-called "Pre-Barnabas years."

It wasn't too shabby a morning here in the US, either. While there are still a few missing pieces, Amazon Prime subscribers in America have access to everytihing but seasons 18, 20 and 21. (UPDATE: Every episode of DARK SHADOWS is now streaming on Amazon Prime!) All six collections of DARK SHADOWS: THE BEGINNING are also available for the first time ever. Why there's a discrepancy between Prime offerings in the UK and US is anybody's guess, but it's possible those American gaps will be filled in soon.

And don't forget: MPI Media Group has also launched, a streaming service devoted to all things DARK SHADOWS, which includes all 1,225 episodes of the series, the "Fan Favorites" and "Best of Barnabas" collections, as well as a number of "exclusive" bonus videos are streaming.

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