Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Dark Shadows Daybook: JANUARY 4


Taped on this date in 1971: Episode 1187

Daphne reports on the events in the Parallel Time room, and later, the visions reappear. Now, Julia Collins learns that Morgan plans to bring a new love to Collinwood, despite the fact that no one new may be allowed in for reasons he clearly knows. In Main Time, Daphne sees that Edith is dead and assumes that Gerard is the killer. Instead, she learns that it was Gabriel, who rises from his chair to attack her.

Parallel Time strikes again as one forgotten storyline melts into a more forgotten storyline. I champion both 1840 and 1841PT. Because they may be the least-seen, I think of them as DARK SHADOWS’ bonus prizes, and if you can watch for months about pens and bleeder valves and the best lobster in Logansport, Vicki, you can watch this. Both time periods have hidden, dramatic gems and are visually sumptuous. By skewing the era a tad, vibrant costumes were introduced for 1841PT, and for the first time, they were custom made rather than rentals. The show’s hair and makeup design is also differing, allowing Grayson Hall and Lara Parker to have strikingly decadent looks. It’s the second time we see Morgan Collins, and I remain fascinated and a little challenged by the show’s last leading man (and eventual heavy), Keith Prentice. Yet another BOYS IN THE BAND alum, Prentice is easily the loudest actor on the show as the character becomes truly manic. Right now, he’s painted as a quietly tortured lover, bucking Collins tradition to bring someone new to the house. With the re-introduction of PT, it’s time to wrap up 1840, and as Gabriel rises from his chair, we’re reminded of just what a giant Christopher Pennock is -- and how frightening. The episode ends on a wonderful note of fear as he lurches to attack, like a strange cross between Boris Karloff and Dr. Strangelove.

On this day in 1971, Ohio agrees to pay $675,000 to relatives of Kent State victims. 

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