Monday, September 25, 2017

Open your third eye with these Dark Shadows blacklight posters

Artist Dean Monahan has a few pieces of interesting art currently available on Ebay. These 16'' X 20'' canvas paintings depict Lara Parker as "Angelique," Diana Millay as "Laura Collins" and Kathryn Leigh Scott as Maggie Evans. (There's also a fourth painting of Collinwood available.) These portraits were made using acrylic paint that reacts to black light, while they're eyes (and Angelique's fangs) are painted with phosphorescent paint that glows in the dark.

Monahan has a few other pieces of DARK SHADOWS-related art available, as well as work inspired by Brian DePalm's CARRIE, BLACK SUNDAY, THE HONEYMOONERS and THRILLER. You can find his vendor page HERE.

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