Thursday, September 28, 2017

Jonathan Frid in THE GOLEM, 1959

There's not much to be said about "The Golem," an off-Broadway production featuring a young "John Frid." The two-act play had a brief run at St. Marks Theater in New York City, with Frid playing a presumably villainous role as an "inquisitor."

The play was adapted by Ruth Rehrer Wolff from the Yiddish of H. Leivick, with the 1959 production marking its first presentation in English. Most of the reviews for "The Golem" were unfavorable, including one by Francis Herridge in the New York Post who said: "Theo Goetz as the rabbi and Anna Appel as his wife do their best to make their characters credible, and John Frid at least  enunciates clearly as the inquisitor, but it's a losing battle from the first.”

While the play might have gone over like a lead balloon, it left us a few interesting photos. If you've ever wondered what it might have looked like had Jonathan Frid appeared in an early Universal Monsters movie, you should consider your curiosity satisfied.

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