Monday, March 25, 2013

Jonathan Frid in THE GOLEM, 1959

Ordinarily, I wouldn't waste your time with a post devoted to a single photograph. (Not as often as I used to, anyway.) But this is pretty special: A photograph of Jonathan Frid in THE GOLEM, a 1959 stage production credited by Theatre World as Frid's "Off Broadway" debut. I've grown increasingly fascinated by the stage careers of the cast of DARK SHADOWS, so these kinds of "finds" are always exciting to me.

UPDATE: Here's a 1959 newspaper piece about THE GOLEM

“Frid plays role in ‘The Golem’ at St. Marks”
March 6, 1959

John Frid, who appeared with the Williamstown Theater the first year it operated in 1955, recently had the role of Tadeus in a production of “The Golem” which was produced in St. Mark's Theater in New York City.

The play was adapted by Ruth Rehrer Wolff from the Yiddish of H. Leivick, was performed for the first time on the New York stage in English. “The Golem” is based on a medieval legend of a 16th century Frankenstein with a little Dracula included.

Most of the reviews were unfavorable, including one by Francis Herridge in the New York Post who said: "Theo Goetz as the rabbi and Anna Appel as his wife do their best to make their characters credible, and John Frid at least  enunciates clearly as the inquisitor, but it's a losing battle from the first.”

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