Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Dark Shadows Daybook: March 15


Vicki awakens from a dream where a robed Nathan Forbes threatens the life of young Daniel, leading her to believe that Forbes may actually harm Daniel and disrupt the lineage and timeline of the Collins family. At Collinwood, Forbes asks Daniel why he is looking for Naomi and Joshua, and Daniel responds that he’d rather be adopted by them than be in a position where Forbes could control his money. Later, when Noah demands money from Forbes, he realizes that Forbes has the power to frame him for Maude Browning’s death. Thus, he agrees to kidnap Daniel for him and deposit him in the ocean. Noah duly kidnaps the boy, who hastily escapes and seeks refuge in the mausoleum with a gun-wielding Vicki. Noah is not far behind.

What is it about Craig Slocum that is so strangely fascinating? His parts are lilting-voiced professional sleazeballs and victims, inevitably whining, sulking, and acting, well, like a grownup David Collins. And yet, this WillieBot seems like the most realistic person to wander into Collinsport. Is he the Kramer Painting of DARK SHADOWS?

On this day in 1967, LIFE magazine named Jimi Hendrix the “most spectacular guitarist in the world.” Or maybe that was Roy Clark. I get them confused.

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