Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Dark Shadows Daybook: March 30


Taped on this date in 1970: Episode 994

1970 PT. Quentin hears the Ode to Angelique and begs for her to appear to him. Instead, he finds a stunned Dameon Edwards who vanishes as Quentin calls the hospital. Trask, the butler, returns to Quentin's surprise. Edwards then appears to Amy, but is tracked down by Quentin, who finds him in Angelique's room. When Quentin approaches him, Edwards dissolves into a blood stain on the floor, suggesting murder. Trask is transfixed by Alexis' resemblance to Angelique and disturbed by the appearances of Edwards. Quentin stuns Bruno with his visions of Edwards, but Bruno plays it cool, even when told that Edwards is dead. Edwards used to visit the house frequently, a year prior. Quentin orders Amy to stay with Will and Carolyn Loomis, but Dameon appears yet again, beckoning her to follow him under the stairs. In a storage room, she screams as he vanishes. Quentin frantically searches for her.

This episode marked two firsts. Jerry Lacy returned to the show when the 453 performance run of PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM (where he played the Spirit of Humphrey Bogart) ended on March 14 of that year. It also marked the first appearance of ghost Dameon Edwards, played by Jered Holmes, who had the later misfortune of playing in the two-performance run of the Broadway show, THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT before finding greater success in the 1980 nostalgia piece, 42nd STREET.

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