Monday, October 26, 2015

Meet legendary DARK SHADOWS artist Ken Bald in November

Ken Bald, possibly the finest comic artist to ever work on DARK SHADOWS will be attending the Rhode Island Comic Con on the weekend of Nov. 6. Bald was the artist on the DARK SHADOWS newspaper strip that ran from 1971-1972. (Kathryn Leigh Scott collected Bald's DARK SHADOWS strips into a collected edition back in 1996, though her Pomegranate Press publishing house. The book is out of print, but copies are easy to find.)

The DARK SHADOWS strip is reportedly Bald's favorite work of his career, which is no small statement given that Guinness World Records has crowned the 95-year-old as the world's "oldest comic book artist." The man has worked on everything from DOC SAVAGE to CAPTAIN AMERICA to DR. KILDARE.

And he's stayed busy! Bald recently completed a cover for Marvel's "Contest of Champions," which pits the original line-up of the Invaders against their successors.  I think it's terrific.

h/t to Roy Isbell for the tip!


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