Friday, October 23, 2015

DARK SHADOWS: Binge & Tweet

As you might have heard, Decades will be airing more than 80 consecutive episodes of DARK SHADOWS beginning this Saturday at 1 p.m. EST. The channel hits a lot of major television markets in the U.S., but there's a chance you don't live in one of them. I don't, but that's not going to stop me from taking part in these marathons ... one way or another.

And we've got some fun events planned for the weekend. Original cast members Kathryn Leigh Scott and Kathleen Cody will be stopping by on Twitter to chat with fans. Scott will be joining us at 6:30 p.m. to chat about Episode 221 of DARK SHADOWS, the episode where here character Maggie Evans first meets Barnabas Collins. You can find her on Twitter at @kathleighscott.

At midnight on Saturday, actress Kathleen Cody is joining the conversation. Because of the curious habit of television to broadcast episodes of DARK SHADOWS produced during 1967, Cody doesn't actually appear in any of the episodes scheduled for this weekend (she was probably in junior high when these episodes were taped, but was already a working actress). Still, she will absolutely have an interesting perspective on these episodes. You can find her on Twitter at @_KathleenCody.

Here are a few other accounts to keep an eye on during this weekend's marathon:

Decades TV Network:

The Collinsport Historical Society:

Angela Englert:

Brooke Perrin:

Dark Shadows/Big Finish Productions:

Cody Schell (author of the DARK SHADOWS audio dramas "The Flip Side" and "Red All Over"): @CodyQS

Miguel Rodriguez:

It's pretty easy to participate in the event. All you need is a Twitter account to start chatting during the marathon. The idea is to keep the online discussion focused on the episode that is airing, whenever possible. The marathon begins at 1 p.m. Saturday with episode 210, with each new episode beginning in half-hour increments. If you don't get Decades, you can always keep pace with DVDs. (Though expect occasional lag because of commercial breaks.)

And here the most important element of the discussion:
Be sure to tag all of your tweets with #CollinsTweet. There's a group of DARK SHADOWS fans that chat about the series every Sunday evening, and we'll be hijacking their hashtag for the marathon. If you don't use the #CollinsTweet hashtag, other fans won't be able to find you.

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