Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Listen to the teaser for Big Finish's adaption of THE PRISONER

A new trailer was released today for Big Finish's upcoming adaption of THE PRISONER. Don't get too excited, though, because the trailer doesn't do much besides stress the concept of the original television show.

It's fitting that this adaption continues to be shrouded in mystery. Yes, Big Finish has released a summary of all four episodes planned for the full-cast audio drama, (revealing a mix of adapted and original content). "We're re-imagining the original 1967 TV series," says writer/director Nicholas Briggs. "It isn't a continuation. We've ‘recreated’ it from the very beginning (and, hopefully, one day, until the end). It’s different, but it’s very much in the spirit of the original." That pretty much spells out Big Finish's goals for THE PRISONER.

Here's where things get a little mysterious, though: the series is scheduled for release in January and there has still been no casting announcement. This, despite the presence of the series' cast in the new trailer ... and what has to be their likenesses on the teaser art for the series. Weird.

An eagle-eyed fan at the Big Finish Listeners page on Facebook identified the support cast on the cover as Celia Imrie, John Standing, Ramon Tikaram and Michael Cochrane.

Listen to the trailer below!

Via: Big Finish

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