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Counting down TV's "sexiest undead"

Most of the news clippings that get shared here date back to the original broadcast of DARK SHADOWS. Generally, those are the most interesting to me because they feel the most connected to the series. But DARK SHADOWS' cult following means its cast and characters often find themselves introduced in some unusual places ... such as this TV Guide feature from 2008. The theme seems a little confusing, it's heart is in the right place. And it gets bonus points for including no fewer than three actors associated with either DARK SHADOWS or the 1991 revival series.

Vampires, demons and zombies! We're loving TV's sexiest undead creatures 

TV GUIDE: Oct. 20, 2008
By Damian Holbrook

DEAN WINCHESTER (Supernatural)
Hell got much hotter when the ripped and roguish demon hunter was sent way south to pay off his Faustian deal with the devil. Though he's back on this mortal coil now, you know part of him died down there. And word is we'll find out what part that was during November sweeps.

LILY MUNSTER (The Munsters)
That flowing Cruella hair! The luminescent green skin! The way she rocked a hooded cape! Even if her husband could crush us with his Frankenstein feet, we wouldn't kick the First Lady of 1313 Mockingbird Lane out of the coffin for eating crackers, OK?

VAMPIRA (The Vampira Show)
As Maila Nurmi, she was just another 1940s pinup girl. As a Bettie Page from the Beyond, with her glamour-length press-on nails and a 90210-worthy waistline, she was the horror-movie hostess who gave us really bad dreams and laid the groundwork for Elvira to put the "boo" in boobs.

LUCAS BOYD (Point Pleasant)
Yes, he was Satan's immortal minion and fine, he was sent to Earth to help the boss' daughter do all sorts of dirty deeds to a Jersey beach town in this short-lived Fox series. And we're OK with that, because this devilishly charming chap looked exactly like Grant Show. Is that wrong?

You gotta give this Civil War vamp some credit. He prefers synthetic blood to the real deal, is totally protective of telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse and has the kind of hypnotic gaze that could make even vegetarians want to grab a bite with him. Let's hope his attempts to fit in with regular folks aren't in vein.

Whether it was the classic soap's Kathryn Leigh Scott playing her or the short-lived revival's Joanna Going, this ghostly gal had it going on. Goth-hot and yet so innocent; it's no wonder that sucker Barnabas Collins was haunted by her memory—and specter—so many years after she offed herself.

MICK ST. JOHN (Moonlight)
Like Angel, this private-eye vein drainer was all about helping the innocent instead of helping himself to them. But more than that, he could brood with the best of them (and those circles under his eyes? Undead giveaway!) Tragically, ol' Mick was felled by something far more fatal than sunlight; anemic ratings.

THE BORG QUEEN (Star Trek Voyager)
More a zombie than anything else, this half-person, half—AC adapter knew that a skintight leather number is all a girl needs to make the fellas see past the jumper cables popping out of her domed skull.

If you like your scotch finely aged and super-smooth, this 400-year-old blend of sword, sorcery and straight up sexiness should help take the edge off. An immortal with perfect stubble and the power of resurrection, Mac had no trouble making hearts skip a beat. Even if he didn't have a beating one.

ANGEL (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel)
Tall, dark and deadly never looked so good. From the first night Buffy's 270-year-old bloodsucking beau started lurking on the mean streets of Sunnydale, it was clear that beneath the leather jacket, buffness and super-sharp teeth resided a tortured soul—one legions of fans would risk their neck to comfort.

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