Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Vintage DARK SHADOWS comic art up for auction

Well, this is timely! A few weeks ago I shared some of the original cover art by George Wilson for Gold Key's DARK SHADOWS comic book series (read it HERE). As it happens, bidding has opened over at Heritage Auctions on one of those covers. Issue #10, to be exact, first published in 1971.

Here's the auction summary:
"Barnabas is chained to the wall with his fangs glistening, in this impressive 'zombie' illustration by the great George Wilson, Gold Key's master of the painted cover. The art is in gouache on illustration board, with an approximate image area of 11" x 16". It's in Excellent condition. If you're a fan of the memorable Dark Shadows TV series, or just like zombies (who doesn't these days?), give this one a look."
There are about 15 days left in the auction, which means the bidding will close around Aug. 27.

Take a look for yourself HERE.

Source: Heritage Auctions

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