Monday, August 10, 2015

Now hear this: ON A COUNTRY ROAD

A few weeks ago, Sharon Smyth Lentz, director Barry Dodd and I spent the evening on Skype, recording a commentary track for Dodd’s wonderful ON A COUNTRY ROAD.  I wasn’t actually involved with the production of the 2014 film short; I’m just a fan of Dodd’s work and pitched the commentary as a possible installment of our podcast.

Dodd one-upped me, though, and has edited our scene-specific commentary track to sync with his film, which is now available as a bonus feature with the purchase of ON A COUNTRY ROAD.

I’ve been planning a review of the film for quite some time, a piece that’s been delayed by my own inadequacies as a writer. Shorts are pretty tough to discuss in significant detail without accidentally wandering into spoiler territory ... and this has left me at a literal loss for words. It should be obvious by now, though, that I dig the film. It’s an incredibly professional production, and both Sharon and actor Kip Weeks are terrific in it.

But wait! There’s more!

Dodd has provided me with a discount coupon for readers of The Collinsport Historical Society. If you use the coupon code londonbridge, you can take $3 off the price of the purchase price of the film. (Note: the coupon code is not valid for rentals.) The purchase price includes the original version of the film, as well as a new edition with our commentary track.

The code will be valid for the remainder of the August, 2015, so act now!

If you’ve already purchased the movie, you’ll find the edition with the commentary track already available in your library for no additional charge.

The movie is being provided courtesy of VHX, which has a Roku app that allows you to stream film purchases and rentals. Their movies are also available as direct downloads — and DRM free — in a variety of video formats, ranging from smartphone-friendly SD360 to HD 1080p.

You can find ON A COUNTRY ROAD at:

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