Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Obligatory 'Fronkensteen' reference goes here

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is one of the few comedies that's part of America's shared cultural experience. Most of the things that make us laugh are a little embarrassing (THREE AND A HALF MEN), if not utterly shameful (anything from the Adam Sandler Ĺ“uvre). YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, though, is as odd as its monster: It's a smart piece of satire that just happens to have a fascination with dick and boob jokes. Everybody wins!

Later this year, Funko is releasing a series of vinyl toys showcasing the film's three leads. And I say "later" because there are a few conflicting dates circulating about their release. Amazon seems to believe the 8" Dr. Frankenstein, Igor and the Monster figures will be available at the end of November, while other vendors claim they'll hit shelves as early as September. I wouldn't be surprised to see these toys hit the market well before Halloween, all things considered. UPDATE: Amazon has pushed the released date up to Oct. 12.

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