Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Metallica guitarist loans monstrous collection to SFO Museum

By day, Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist for Metallica. By night (or whenever the hell he feels like it, I guess) he's also a world class collector of horror memorabilia. Among the items in his collection are Bela Lugosi’s annotated screenplay for DRACULA, monster kid-era model kits from the 1960s, paintings by Basil Gogos and Frank Frazetta, screen-worn costumes from Universal's classic monster movies ... well, you get the idea. He owns a lot of cool shit.

In 2012, Hammett chronicled his life as a collector in the fully illustrated book TOO MUCH HORROR BUSINESS. If you're passing through San Francisco International Airport this year, though, you'll have the opportunity to view some of these rare collectibles yourself. Hammett has loaned dozens of items to the SFO Museum, which has them on display now at the Terminal 2 gallery. The collection went on display in May and will continue to frighten travelers until Dec. 6 this year.

Via: www.flysfo.com

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