Monday, August 3, 2015


FRIGHT NIGHT is among our favorite films here at the Collinsport Historical Society. We write about it whenever we get the chance, though Danny Reid is probably the lone champion in our offices for the 2011 re-make. But I like THE PHANTOM MENACE, so who am I to throw stones?

FRIGHT NIGHT opened 30 years ago this week, coming in #3 behind during its opening weekend behind BACK TO THE FUTURE and (ugh) EUROPEAN VACATION. While it might seem like a modest debut, it was also the only R-rated feature to place in the top ten that weekend. It was a solid box office performer in 1985, but went on to find its real following on home video and cable television.

To celebrate the anniversary, FRIGHT NIGHT's writer/director Tom Holland is having a sale at his website, Terror Time. From Aug. 2 until Aug. 9, most of his FRIGHT NIGHT products are discounted. That includes signed screenplays, posters, DVDs and other assorted goodies. You can browse his online store HERE.

(Random DARK SHADOWS: trivia: FRIGHT NIGHT star Chris Sarandon introduced Chip Selby to her husband, David.)


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