Tuesday, June 2, 2015

First Look: DARK SHADOWS "best of" DVD covers

The website Video ETA has shared images claiming to be the cover art for the upcoming DARK SHADOWS "best of" collections for Quentin and Angelique. And the artwork is underwhelming, to say the least.

I've got my fingers crossed that these covers are placeholders used for early marketing, but wouldn't be surprised to learn that these are the final designs. If that's the case, these DVDs deserve better. Collections that boasts of being "the best" shouldn't have artwork that screams "least possible effort."

Each set features nine episodes of the original DARK SHADOWS series that center on the characters of Angelique Bouchard and Quentin Collins. While Video ETC claims these discs were released May 5 (which is almost certainly an error), Amazon has announced a release date of Aug. 18.

UPDATE: According to www.phase4films.com, Parker and Selby have recorded new introductions for each episode.

You can read more about "The Best of Angelique" HERE.

You can read more about "The Best of Quentin" HERE.

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