Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Morning Cartoons: THE FONZ & THE HAPPY DAYS GANG

Saturday morning cartoons don't get any stranger than this: THE FONZ AND THE HAPPY DAYS GANG.
The series was produced as interest in HAPPY DAYS was waning, with both the audience and the cast. Henry Winkler, Ron Howard and Donny Most provided voices for this Saturday morning series, though Howard had already exited the live-action show by the time this cartoon debuted in the fall of 1980.

And THE FONZ AND THE HAPPY DAYS GANG is a little bit ... different from its primetime counterpart. The show followed the adventures of Ritchie, the Fonz, Ralph, a teen from the future named Cupcake and an anthropomorphic dog called "Mister Cool" as they traveled through time.

So, to kick off this new weekly feature, I thought I'd go big: THE VAMPIRE STRIKES BACK aired Dec. 20, 1980, and sees our time traveling heroes visiting Count Dracula in Transylvania. Here's a synopsis:
“Unknowingly aided by Count Dracula, the gang's time machine winds up back to their present time of 1957, but not in Milwaukee. They end up in Transylvania, where they meet the count at his castle and have to overcome various horrors in order to escape - one of which has a scared boy Ralph turning into a savage werewolf.”
Among the actors to provide "additional voices" for the series are Kathryn Leigh Scott, René Auberjonois and Kenneth Mars provided additional voices for the series, and Wolfman Jack narrates the opening credits. I'm 99% sure Scott isn't in this episode, though.

So, break out the Count Chocula and enjoy!
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