Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The CHS continues its hostile takeover of the Internet

It’s no secret (I guess) that the Collinsport Historical Society is promiscuous, from a social media point of view. We maintain accounts on a lot of different platforms, some of which you might not know about it.

In addition to BLOOD DRIVE, there’s also MONSTER SERIAL, a feed dedicated to classic horror films in support of our series of books by the same title. I’ve kept a number of other bullshit Tumblr accounts, as well, almost always as a way of bookmarking photos and links that I like. These feeds weren’t really meant to be read by others, but they still managed to pick up a few followers here and there by accident.

As the CHS has grown over the last few years, I’ve found it more difficult to edit the content of BLOOD DRIVE and MONSTER SERIAL. These Tumblr feeds have a tendancy to flow directly to my Twitter feed, as well.

Here’s how to find THE COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY’s horrifying media empire:


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