Friday, September 19, 2014

Jonathan Frid not yet famous enough for Canada

The results of this year's Canada's Walk of Fame campaign were announced earlier this week. Despite the long-standing effort to get Hamilton, Ontario, native Jonathan Frid recognized in some capacity by the organization, his name was not among the 2014 finalists. Here's who will be inducted during the Dec. 19 ceremony.
  • Louise Arbour, a former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada,
  • The Band
  • Rachel McAdams
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Hayley Wickenheiser (athlete)
  • Jeff Healey (Cineplex Legends Award) 
Frid's name was on the ballot this year for the "Cineplex Legends Award." Now, if you're visiting this website, chances are you're a DARK SHADOWS fan. It's pretty easy to make fun of a list of honorees that includes Rachel McAdams, Green Lantern and the guitar player from ROADHOUSE. I mean, HOLY SHIT it's easy. But I won't go there.

Slim Goodbody: The Motion Picture took audiences to some disturbing places.
"As the administrators of Nominate Jonathan Frid to Canada's Walk of Fame, Cathy Robbins, Kathy Colby and I are very disappointed that Jonathan Frid did not make it into CWOF this year," said
Elena Nacanther, who has been canvassing the Internet for several years to get Frid on the walk of fame. "But, since we started our campaign four years ago, we have built momentum and got him on the list for Cineplex Legends Award Nominees, and we will continue this campaign until we accomplish our goal of getting this loyal Canadian son the honor he truly deserves."

"I would say that Jonathan Frid will be recognized, it's a matter of time," said Robbins. "There are many deserving Canadians and Jonathan is one of them. Canada's Walk Of Fame has noticed him and they have told me they realize that he his is a 'Great Canadian.' Persistence is the key here."

Despite the setback, Nacanther said the campaign plans to keep moving forward.

"We would ask everyone to continue nominating Jonathan every day at, and together we will celebrate his induction into CWOF in the very near future," she said.


Image Maker said...

Jonathan Frid seems to be everything (and more) that the CWOF requires for induction. I've begun to wonder not only what it takes for his recognition to happen, but if there is any logical or good reason for the choices the CWOF makes? I would not for a moment diminish anyone else, but I'm hard-pressed to see where the loyalty of Mr. Frid - and his fans who continue to grow in number despite his passing - have been given the acknowledgement by this organization that they both deserve and want to see. And now another year passes. It is terribly discouraging.

Mark Furniss said...

If there's one I think I've learned from the Canadian entertainment industry is that they're incredibly insular and don't give a crap about legacy or anything outside what they consider to be "popular" (but not too "popular" because they frown on that too). It doesn't surprise me one bit that Frid is ignored - he seemed exactly like the type of person who'd refuse to promote himself or ingratiate himself to the people who run many of the Canadian entertainment associations.

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