Monday, September 8, 2014


Voting ended last night in our FAVORITE FIVE readers poll. I asked you to name your favorite episodes of Big Finish's line of DARK SHADOWS audio dramas and you didn't disappoint. It's a solid list of old and new favorites, a few of which came as pleasant surprises to me.

I have also selected a winner, who will receive free downloads of all 13 episodes of Big Finish's DARK SHADOWS: BLOODLUST serial, which is scheduled to start in early 2015. Will Howells, one of the writers of the serial, posted a photo on Instagram (see right) announcing the start of recording for the series ... but the participating cast members were mysteriously obscured in the image. An announcement about the series (possibly concerning the cast?) is expected shortly.

As for which episodes took the top five spots in the FAVORITE FIVE readers poll? I hope to announce the titles later in the week. The winner still needs to be contacted and verified, and I'm hoping to get some of the Big Finish crew to comment on the results.

Stay tuned!

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