Saturday, October 12, 2013

Terror Bytes: Horror news from around the web

* The Horrorshow exhibit at the Ink_d Gallery in Brighton, England, features some interesting work by the illustrator known as EELUS. The exhibit, which opens Oct. 18, features new work made from hand-cut paper showcasing horror imagery from the silver-screen, pulp comics and classic literature.

* VIDEO: Rob Zombie gives a sneak peek at this year's GREAT AMERICAN NIGHTMARE haunted house attraction at Pamona, Calif.

* NOT MARTHA has a horrifying recipe for something called "Meat Hand" (pictured right.) It's a variation on meatloaf, and includes a bone stump made of onion, cheese for burned skin, and spinach for the day's vitamins and minerals. I like to think Count Petofi would have approved.

* VIDEO: Every good Monster Kid had their first "horror host." Mine was DOCTOR MADBLOOD, who hosted many a spooky movie when I was a child in Norfolk, Va. I've got vague memories of meeting him as some sort of public event around Halloween as a child, but those memories aren't entirely trustworthy. Anyhoo, the not-so-good doctor is returning to television in October with DOCTOR MADBLOOD'S HALLOWEEN HOUSE on WHRO 15. Below is a video promo for the event, which will feature broadcast of COUNT DRACULA AND HIS VAMPIRE BRIDES.

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