Monday, October 14, 2013

David Selby discusses his werewolf past, 1989

David Selby was appeared on THE PAT SAJAK SHOW in 1989 to talk about FALCON CREST, which would be wrapping its lengthy run the following year. I don't know much about show business, but it's my understanding that guests are rarely surprised by the questions they're asked. The hosts are occasionally surprised by the behavior of their guests (Crispin Glover, I'm looking at you) but that lack of courtesy is rarely ever returned.

I mention this because I don't want to suggest Selby is being disingenuous in the video above. While he was probably a little embarrassed by the specific clip from DARK SHADOWS used during this interview, it's unlikely he didn't know about it in advance. He's not lying; it's just how talk shows work. Overall, it's a pretty fun interview that features a lengthy chat about his days as Quentin Collins. He even recites the lyrics to QUENTIN'S THEME from memory, which is pretty impressive.

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