Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Terror Bytes: Horror news from around the web

* The new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY begins Oct. 9 on FX. The network has released this disturbing poster to promote COVEN, its next storyline.

* TROMA, the company behind such midnight movie classics as THE TOXIC AVENGER and CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH, is taking part in a competition to win an ad spot in the Super Bowl.  

* The Criterion Collection of THE BLOB is on sale at Amazon for 51% off the list price.

* I can't decide if I love or hate these re-issues of the 1970s MAD MONSTER SERIES toys. Is this nostalgia at its most charming, or nostalgia run amok?
* Retroband's CREEPSHOW action figures are badass, if a tad expensive. (Note: these toys appear to be sold out.)

* "19 Delightfully Macabre Disney Heroines" by artist JEFFREY THOMAS. You can see more of the artist's work at his Deviant Art page.

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