Monday, September 2, 2013

Terror Bytes: Horror news from around the web

* ReAction's 3 3/4" retro ALIEN action figures look awesome and are available for pre-order. These figure are based on prototypes created by Kenner in 1979 for a line of toys that never materialized.

* Rob's score for this year's MANIAC remake with ELIJAH WOOD is available on vinyl, and the cover is seriously f*cked up. Click at your own risk.

* This news isn't exactly new, but a bunch of novelizations for classic HAMMER films are back in print, including THE BRIDES OF DRACULA, THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN, and HORROR OF DRACULA.

* This CLUE-inspired print by JUSTIN WHITE is adorable.

* There was an ADDAMS FAMILY Saturday morning cartoon in 1973 that featured the voices of Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester and JODIE FOSTER as the voice of Puglsey. Let that soak in a minute.

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