Thursday, March 28, 2013

Classic DARK SHADOWS credits ... '90s style!

I know, I know ... the words "Dark Shadows" and "Youtube" don't often make for great entertainment. At one time or another, anyone who loves DARK SHADOWS and has access to desktop movie editing software has knocked together some lame bit of video and posted it to Youtube. Wading into those waters is as awkward (and occasionally creepy) as reading your next-door neighbor's love letters. Unless you lived next door to William S. Burroughs, which would be awkward, creepy and incredibly awesome.

CHAD MOORE has created something pretty cool, though, with this video combining the original cast of the DARK SHADOWS with the opening credits of the 1991 "revival" series. A thousand fanmade videos had conditioned me to start yawning before I even pressed "play," but that yawn turned to a smile within seconds.

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