Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Sexier 'Shadows' hits prime time with more gore"

The Chicago Tribune took a look at the 1991 Dark Shadows revival series, featuring interviews with much of the cast, as well as writer Matt Hall. Unlike most of the DS91-related clippings, the intervoews for this story took place deep into the show's production and references characters like the Rev. Trask. Actor Ben Cross also had this to say about having the tables turned on him:

``I`ll tell you something,`` Ben Cross says, looking like anything but a vampire. He`s wearing an L.A. Dodgers baseball cap and sunglasses, sitting on a hill overlooking the Doheny mansion. ``I get to `fang` a lot of women in this. I`ve bitten a lot of female necks. Then there`s one point in the story where I have to experience this myself. So I have this girl with her fangs sunk in me, and her breath is hot on my neck. It was ... well, to tell you the truth, I got quite horny! It gave me goosebumps.``

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