Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Dark Shadows" still has many devotees

Here's a type of story we've seen dozens of times over the years. Prompted by the publication of Kathryn Leigh Scott's first book, "My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows," the subtext of the story seems to be "People still like this crap?" As a comicbook fan, I've also had to withstand torrents of "Bam! Pow! Comics aren't just for kids anymore!" nonsense from terrible, terrible journalists until they eventually figured out what a tired cliche it was.  Condescension directed at Dark Shadows (or Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc.) is just par for the course when you're a fan.

Note: the newspaper clipping is from the Nov. 25, 1986, issue of The Register-Guard in Eugene, Ore.

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Joseph Pastrana said...

My personal resentment is against people with any kind of media platform who derisively dismiss the show - spouting ill-informed drivel like - the dialogue is clunky (despite the literary quality of most of it), the pace is slow (it's a soap you twit), the effects are terrible (it was the 1960s you moron) - all pointing only to the fact they've never even seen the show

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