Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First look at Johnny Depp's "Barnabas" painting?

I got my signed copy of Kathryn Leigh Scott's Return to Collinwood in the mail yesterday and found something interesting buried in one of the photos. As part of the original cast's visit to the set of the new Dark Shadows film, the original cast wase given a tour of the production department. One image shows Jonathan Frid (the original Barnabas Collins) looking at production art for the new film, which features artwork showing the new Blue Whale, the Collins Cannery, Collinsport's Main Street ... and this tiny little image. Is that the painting of Johnny Depp's version of Barnabas Collins buried in the details?

I didn't want to post any images from the book but thought posting a tiny portion of one photo was fair game. If you don't have this book and you're a Dark Shadows fan you really, really need to add this book to your collection. It's been a fascinating read so far. Here's a LINK.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that depiction looks like he just returned from a fox hunt, ugh.

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