Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dynamite's "Dark Shadows" future

Dynamite Entertainment recently wrapped the first storyline in its new Dark Shadows comic series, which has been collected in a trade paperback scheduled to ship April 10. I've made my (resoundingly favorable) opinion of the series known on this website during the last few months, and thought I'd give you a look at the upcoming story arc. Dynamite has posted the cover art and synopses of the next four issues at their homepage. The cover for issue #7 has yet to be revealed and I haven't looked too deep into the solicitations for fear of spoilers, but here's how they summarize the first issue:

"Barnabas Collins finds himself increasingly troubled as Dr. Julia Hoffman continues her experiments to cure his vampire condition. Alone as the night draws in, a trip to the nearby town of Collinsport sees Barnabas stalked by a mysterious woman with a message. As he follows her into the night, he finds himself confronted by faces from his past, each with a score to settle..."
It looks like we're in for a change in creative teams for the next story, with Mike Raicht taking over the writing duties and Guiu Vilanova handling the art. You can find Vilanova online HERE.

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