Thursday, June 6, 2019

Dark Shadows fall on Fangoria in July


Fangoria and Dark Shadows have a history together that dates back at least to its 17th issue, published in 1982 during one of the show's many syndicated revivals. While the stormy melodrama of television's "Daytime Dracula" and his extended family might not seem like an obvious fit for the gore-soaked pages of Fangoria, its bullpen has always been willing to clear a space at the table for Barnabas Collins ... no matter who might be playing him.

Now  I have to write a sentence that freaks me out quite a bit: There's a conversation between Dana Gould and myself in the next issue of Fangoria about the eternal appeal of Dark Shadows. I just spent a solid 15 minutes staring at the screen after finishing that sentence, searching for the words to describe the stew of panic, joy and gratitude I'm feeling about this opportunity. I can't wait for you to read this story.

Who allowed this to happen? Phil Nobile Jr., the editor-in-chief of Fangoria and a long-time fan of Dark Shadows. Phil will also be joining us on The Collinsport Historical Society Podcast in July to chat with Patrick McCray about John August's unproduced screenplay for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows movie.

To receive the next issue of Fangoria (#4!) in your mailbox, subscribe to the magazine by June 10 at (If you miss the deadline you'll have to go spelunking in comic book stores later in July to find it.) The issue also marks the 40th annversary of Fangoria and features contributions from Jordan Peele, Ari Aster, André Øvredal, Joe Hill, Damien Echols, Meredith Borders and almost certainly Barbara Crampton. How I found myself in such company is a mystery, but I promise not to make a mess.

You can read an excerpt from Peele and Aster’s conversation from issue #4 at Entertainment Weekly.

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