Sunday, March 3, 2019

Classic Dark Shadows novels getting audio editions in 2019

UPDATE: I'm told the Amazon listings aren't accurate and that there are no plans at the moment to release audio editions of the Marilyn Ross books. Which raises more questions than it answers, but that's where we are.

There's a lot to unpack here, so let's start at the top: According to Amazon, the classic Dark Shadows novels by Marilyn Ross will be given the audiobook treatment. While looking for a link to a particular title, I noticed an "Audio CD" edition of the book and assumed it was an error. After taking a look around the website, though, it appears many of the titles are set for release in audio editions throughout the year, beginning March 26 with the first title in the series, "Dark Shadows." Several more already have release dates, at least up to #13 in the series, "Barnabas Collins and the Mysterious Ghost," which does not yet have a release date. That means those of us who are fans of the ridiculous "Barnabas, Quentin and the Body Snatchers" will have to wait a bit longer for an audio edition of that trash-terpiece.

There are no other details available at Amazon. I'm curious to see who will be reading these books, and whether or not that $6.99 "Audio CD" is actually an MP3. (That price seems awfully cheap for a CD.)

I've heard rumblings online that omnibus editions of the Ross books will also become available this year. Is it true? I don't know! Nobody tells me anything. Which doesn't seem like a great marketing strategy, but what do I know?

Which brings me back to the original point to this blog post: The Bodice Tipplers Podcast is temporarily abandoning their coverage of traditional romance novels in March. An episode dedicated to "Imzadi," the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by Peter David, is already in the can. They're recording an episode about "Flowers in the Attic" by V.C. Andrews today, and will round out the month with ... "Barnabas Collins" by Marilyn Ross! If you haven't read the book and want to before the podcast, you can find used copies HERE.

Meanwhile, the Bodice Tipplers podcast have done pretty good for themselves since launching in October. They not only hit their $400 fundraising goal for RAINN, but surpassed it by $200. They were mentioned by Oregon's Source Weekly in a roundup that also included Netflix's "One Day at a Time," "Luke Cage" and "Jessica Jones," and even got noticed by Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (yay!) and The AV Club (yay!) So go check them out

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