Friday, December 21, 2018

Night of Drag Shadows

It's not a secret that I don't like Tim Burton's take on Dark Shadows. On a good day you could argue that MPI Home Video convinced Warner Brothers to spend millions of dollars to market their audacious "coffin box set," a product they might not have otherwise been able to afford to release. But that doesn't mean the movie was any good. You know it, I know it, and in those rare moments of the day when Johnny Depp isn't high as a kite, even he knows it.

But! Six years after Dark Shadows limped into the theater, this happened. I'm not going to attempt to describe these videos for fear that my priviledged, cisgender ass might unintentionally drop some inappropriate/obsolete terminology ... but I love this. It almost redeems Burton's film.

I look forward to reading the comments about this post on Facebook, many of which will probably be written without the benefit of actually having clicked on the link. Release the hounds!

(h/t to @PhilNobileJr)

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