Thursday, October 4, 2018

Dark Shadows: The Dollar Box of Forbidden Mystery

Social media is a never-ending psychic nightmare of cruelty, ego, depression and anxiety. So, if you're going to engage with it at all, you might has well have some fun. I work hard to distinguish the various social media accounts of The Collinsport Historical Society so that you're not seeing the same content in every feed. These accounts have developed their own personalities and appetities over the years, and it's of utmost importance that they be fed daily. But it's unrealistic to expect everybody to follow them all. Which means, ultimately, that you're only getting part of the story if you omit any of these puzzle pieces.

The website is the hub for the entire experience, so it's important to occasionally redirect its many currents here. For example, you might have seen the faux cover art for a "Victoria Winters" spinoff comic online earlier this week ... but unless you've follow the CHS on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr you haven't seen them all. I'm not going to waste any time explaining the joke (you'll either get it or you won't) but below is the entire series of covers, complete with the off-model depictions of our heroines you'd expect from a 1960s cheapie comicbook. As a bonus is the cover for the short-lived spinoff of the spinoff, "Maggie Evans."

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