Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Dark Shadows Daybook: NOVEMBER 22


Taped on this date in 1967: Episode 373

Joshua places increasing pressure on Jeremiah to marry the insipid but wealthy cousin, Millicent. Meanwhile, Angelique prepares a spell, delivered to Jeremiah by the lovely and talented Ben Stokes. It’s purpose? To make him fall in love with Josette to vex Barnabas.

Lara Parker, for a woman born to more advantage than some, plays a tsunami of class envy that could level UBS headquarters. Much of the episode is spent with her plotting and planning and sending Ben Stokes out for spiderwebs, allegedly for a gown, which Stokes lustfully hopes she’ll wear. She brings such incredible strength to the show that it genuinely begins to come to life in an entirely new way, as if the program’s phantom limb were finally reattached. Before, the strength of women on the show came from situational panic or raw obstinance. In this case, this is a strength that exists in every dimension of this character’s mind and life. To call it refreshing would be an understatement. Sam Hall clearly adores strong women -- look who he married. When it comes to writing them, he does so adoringly and sincerely. He also satirizes weak ones. The introduction of Millicent allows Nancy Barrett to inhabit the Ultimate Flake, and that pushes 1795 to the realm of Molière. Vicki, also, shows new backbone. In the realm of ultimate “I don’t understand,” she makes connections and conclusions with a confidence and speed that reinvents the character.

It’s the Hulk’s birthday!  On this day in 1967, Mark Ruffalo came into the world. Happy birthday, big guy!  Smash! Smash!

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