Friday, July 14, 2017

The Dark Shadows Daybook: July 14


Taped on this date in 1967: Episode 288

Vicki begins to identify with Josette more and more. Meanwhile, Julia finds that a girl matching the portrait of Sarah has been seen multiple times, often described as a ghost. When she shows Barnabas the family portraits from 1795, she examines what she thinks will be his reflection in a mirror. There is no reflection, and Julia comes to the only logical conclusion; Barnabas Collins is a vampire.

Julia Hoffman: she’s like Bruce Wayne with guts. Julia’s journey is one of learning how much there is to fear, and then, in 1840, showing how she’s mastered it. Her adventure has Joseph Campbell written all over it. When Julia delves into Barnabas’ world, she can do anything because she has no idea how much it will cost her. Just as fools rush in, so does she, and the plot takes off like a rocket as she straps herself in. Grayson Hall portrays a monster of confidence, and that’s the one match Barnabas never expects. This episode also gets increasingly specific about the identities of Barnabas’ relatives, gearing audiences up for Victoria’s journey. Little did they know that they were getting a primer on the upcoming storyline. In literary terms, both Vicki and Barnabas are people without homes. Vicki’s is in the past, with Peter Bradford. She just has to find herself there. Barnabas’ home is actually in his future, with a family that needs him, respects him, and where, out of the shadows of Joshua and Jeremiah, he can become the man destiny has cast him to be.

On this day in 1967, Surveyor 4 was launched to the moon, but exploded just before landing. I still suspect foul play. Simultaneously, The Who was opening for Herman’s Hermits. Yeah, okay, but Ken Russell never made a movie based on “I’m into Something Good.” Unless you want to count LISTZOMANIA, and why not. Here’s a trailer.

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