Friday, September 30, 2016

The Dark Shadows Daybook: SEPTEMBER 30


Taped on this date in 1968: Episode 596

Eve comes to life and is far more articulate and cogent than Adam, although she panics herself into unconsciousness when Julia attempts to administer a tranquilizer shot. Stokes arrives with news that she is the vessel for the vile Danielle Roget, for which Leona Eltridge was an anagram. Is this Nicholas’ doing? Upstairs, Eve seduces Adam, easing his insecurities. This puts him in no mood to hear Stokes’ bad news about Eve’s life force. As Adam stews over this, Eve hears the voices of her tortured spirits of France. She gloats and vows never to return to them. (And I’m not sure how she would.)

Marie Wallace. She was the first new hottie on the show to join “the Majors” since Angelique, and the first redhead. I always had a strange crush on Wallace (you know, Marie Wallace, although Wallace McBride has an exotic and potent musk, to be certain), and the bizarre appeal may go back to her unveiling in this episode. It’s one thing for Adam to be brought to life in a turtleneck and slacks. Odd, but whatever. But Eve is revealed in an elaborate bouffant, makeup, gown, “foundation garment,” and stockings. Or pantyhose. Who put them on? What if Adam had walked in? Was it Julia? Or Willie? Anyway it’s envisioned, it’s as amusing as it was awkward. Eve is a strange character, and I don’t feel as if the writers really knew what to do with her. Wallace is a fine actress, capable of taking chances and playing great subtlety, but here, I feel as if she’s asked to be little more than snarling set dressing. I wanted to write a piece about Danielle Roget, but she’s a complete work of fiction by the writers. I kind of wonder why they chose to do that rather than recruit the ghost of Elizabeth Bathory, which would have combined both Frankenstein and Dracula.

On Sept. 30, 1968, the world got a little smaller with the unveiling of the 747. Designed to pay for overseas travel based on cargo, alone, this luxury airliner made jet-set living a reality for millions of Americans thus making us all a bit more like a Collins.

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