Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Idle hands are the devil's playthings

I got bored and made a thing.

And, finding myself still bored, made several more things.

Above you'll see the results on my idle hands. The idea was to create expressionistic posters for some of my favorite DARK SHADOWS story arcs. I established two rules at the outset: Keep the titles in the same location for each design, and avoid using photos. I pretty much violated Rule #2 for "The Phoenix" poster, but decided the image of a human eye luring within the design was actually more unsettling than a piece of clip art.

Speaking of clip art, I don't know how to draw. Like, at all. My handwriting barely qualifies as "communication," which leaves me at the mercy of my meager abilities to combine and manipulate images. I combined/repurposed/stole a lot of smaller images to create the posters you see above.

This website isn't built to handle a lot of large graphics in a single post. So, if you want a closer look at these posters, drop by BLOOD DRIVE, the official Tumblr feed of the CHS. Here's the LINK.

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